Our Travel Day 2018

On Thursday 22nd March we held a “Travel Day” in our school to inform children how to cycle bicycles safely.

Karen Moore gave a workshop to Mr O’ Reilly’s third class, Ms McNeela’s third class and Ms. Gleeson’s sixth class on bike maintenance. During the workshop we learnt how to wear our helmet’s correctly, how to keep our bicycle in good condition and what to wear to ensure our safety while cycling.

The Green Schools Committee arranged a quiz on bicycle safety for Ms Jone’s fourth class and Ms Walls fifth class. The children learnt some fun facts about bicycles during this quiz.

The children in Scoil Bhríde had fun choreographing a dance to the “Safe Cross Code” song. Each class performed their dance during the “Travel Day”.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our “Travel Day”. Don’t forget to be safe when you go cycling and remember all the safety tips you learnt during our “Travel Day”. BE COOL,WALK AND CYCLE TOO!!

Ms O’Connor

Ms Keating safe cross code dance 2

Ms Donnellan safe cross code dance

Ms Waring safe cross code dance

Ms O Connor safe cross code dance 

 Ms McCabe safe cross code dance