Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

We have had a very successful start to the school year. I was grateful to see all our pupils return safely. It has been fantastic to see our junior infants and new pupils in Coisceimeanna happy and excited about their new school.

As you might recall, last year we had a focus on improving spoken Irish around the school and our mini scientists from the fifth class encouraged us to reduce our plastic use. This year we will continue to enjoy promoting oral Irish, look at increasing the use of digital learning across the school and we hope our environmental awareness and consideration of environmental issues will continue.

Today I spoke with one of our fifth classes who expressed concern at the climate change issues in the world. We discussed the positive changes we ourselves can make in the world by carefully choosing the decisions we make. To this end can I please ask all of you to consider the containers used for pupil lunches. We want to choose containers that can be reused therefore reducing the need for recycling of one-off plastic items. Most pupils changed to either tin or long-life plastic drink bottles last year, we encourage this to continue.

Some of you may have noticed work going on at the school over the summer. Our field at the back of the school and the grass at the front of the school has been drained and reset. We hope that the field at the back of the school will be ready for use early in the new year.

A reminder to all members of the school community that our school is a nut and kiwi free zone. We thank you for your continued support as it is vital to ensure the safety of several our pupils.

Thank you for your patience at drop off and pick up times especially as we get used to the new doors the pupils come out from. We must remain vigilant regarding safety, at drop off and pick up times. In order to maintain a safe and free flowing system, we ask that cars do not stop on or block the middle lane. Children must use the pedestrian crossing and it would be appreciated if parents would also reinforce this message. Please do not park on a pedestrian crossing. It is also important to note that pupils are under parent supervision before 9:10am.

Thank you to our Parent Council for providing a much-needed cup of tea to the mums and dads of the incoming junior infants yesterday.

The school will be closed on Tuesday October 8th for training by the Department of Education in the new Primary Language Curriculum.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. Up the Dubs!

Julie Dowd