Accelerated Reader in Ms. Keating's 4th Class!

Accelerated Reader in Ms. Keating's 4th Class!

Accelerated Reader has been a huge hit in our class! Before we started the programme some of the children found it very difficult and time consuming to choose a book for D.E.A.R. Time (Drop Everything And Read), as they had no way of know if it would be too easy or difficult for them. Having a suggested reading range has enabled the children to identify which books they can successfully read independently. This has been great from building up their confidence, and we are now able to settle down into our daily D.E.A.R. Time straight away. The boys and girls really enjoy completing the quizzes and earning points, as it gives them a goal to work towards, and they can see their own reading progress. There are children in my class that would do anything to avoid reading before, and now I am having to practically tear the book from their hands!

Here are some quotes from the boys and girls themselves:

“Accelerated Reader encourages you to read more. The test at the start to see your book range is a good idea because the book will improve your reading because it is the perfect level for you.” – Sarah Rose McCaghy

“Accelerated Reader has improved my reading. I’ve been reading much more. After we finish a book we ask if we can do a test on the computer, and it is very fun!” – Jamie Flynn

“Accelerated Reader is fun because it’s fun reading the books and doing the quizzes on it. It’s also nice the way you can see what level of reading you’re at so you know the books that will be good for you, and which books are too hard or too easy for you.” – Gavin DeFoubert

“I really love the website because it gets me to read loads more and it makes me improve my reading. Also, I love the way you can rate how much you liked your book” – Sadhbh Thornton