World Book Day 2022

The children dressed up as their favourite book characters to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday March 3rd. Throughout the school, books and characters were discussed and reviewed. We all enjoyed a school wide bonus DEAR time to read our books. Each class enjoyed prizes, book tokens, guess the book, scavenger hunts, guess the quote and “Caught Reading” games, competitions and prizes. Some of the staff were even seen donning their favourite character outfits, much to the amusement of their students!


6th Class Ms Ryan                                                      2nd Class Ms. McCabe Scavenger Hunt




Three boys hard at work!                                          1st Class Ms. Healy dressed to impress!


Books! Books! Books!


Serious superhero book worshiping in 1st class!        Can you guess which characters we are?


Our Sunshine Class enjoyed some DEAR time reading their favourite books with Ms. Murphy.


Image preview

Ms. Keating and Gillian and their book lovers are unrecognisable.

Image preview

Magic Wands at the ready. Hogwarts would be so proud.

Image preview

One brave knight and his trusty sword.

A shared love of story and illustration throughout our school!!