General Information

Dear Parents,

Some general information points about our school.


Please ensure your child arrives on time and is collected on time. We start at 9:20am. It is essential that all pupils are on time for school each day. Equally pupils must be in school for the full school day. Early collections are only for exceptional circumstances only such as illness or urgent family reasons.


There is a strong link between attendance and performance at school. Parents are obliged to send their child to school every day unless he/she is ill or there is some urgent family reason. A written explanation of absence should be given to the class teacher on the child’s return to school.  A phone call alone will not suffice. The school is obliged by Tusla, to refer cases of attendance concerns to the Educational Welfare Officer.


Please ensure your child’s homework is complete and diary signed daily. It is important pupils start off the year well in this regard.

Nut and Kiwi Allergy:

There are children in the school who have an allergy to nuts and kiwi. In some instances, it is a very severe allergy. It is necessary for the school to prohibit nuts and kiwi being brought into the school at any time. Your co-operation in this regard is not only essential but also greatly appreciated. Should nuts or kiwis come into the school it will be necessary to remove them from the classroom and dispose of them quickly. Therefore, nuts, nut products, kiwi and kiwi products are banned including Nutella, peanut butter and kiwi yogurt.

Traffic & Parking:

Please take note of the drop off and collection details as per separate e mail.


Please ensure all your child’s belongings including coats, jumpers etc are labelled.

Parent Teacher Communication:

Please contact Bernie in the office if you need to make an appointment with your child’s teacher. Parent Teacher meetings will be held in November.

Healthy Lunches:

We have a Healthy Eating policy here at Scoil Bhride. It is important that your child has a drink. (No fizzy drinks please!) Please examine the sugar content of drinks when you are buying them. We recommend that children have a re-usable drinks container rather than bringing in a carton or container which must be disposed of each day. Please be aware that quite a lot of lunch items available are “dressed-up” as healthy, nutritious foods but which are laced with sugar and other additives. We appeal to your common sense in this regard. Once again, thank you for your co-operation in ensuring that our healthy lunch policy has been successful to date and we are sure that we can rely on you to continue the good work.

Mobile Phones:

Pupils are not to have mobile phones in Scoil Bhride. Our school office can always be contacted in case of emergencies.


Pupils are to wear full uniform daily and the school tracksuit on PE day only. Please ensure children wear black shoes with their uniform and girls have their hair tied back. Shorts may be permitted at certain times of the year during occasions of very hot weather. This will be communicated via text message. As we are returning to school the full school uniform is now required.